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  1. Definitions
    1. The Company’ means Venues All Areas and The Events Architect.
    2. ‘Client’ means any individual, firm or body corporate which makes a booking with The Company.
    3. ‘Event’ means the event or events the subject of the booking agreement form.
  2. General
    1. All quotations made and bookings accepted are made subject to the following terms and conditions and no addition to or variation of such terms and conditions shall be binding unless agreed by The Company in writing. For the removal of any doubt, the placing of a booking with The Company shall constitute unqualified acceptance of such terms and conditions.
    2. For the removal of any doubt, the Client acknowledges that any contract or agreement entered into by The Company with any other body corporate or firm or individual whatsoever, for the provision by it or them of facilities or services in connection with The Company’s services, shall by entered into by The Company as agent for the Client.
  3. Terms and Conditions of the Booking
    1. Bookings are only secured on receipt of a signed booking agreement form.
    2. The deposit of 50% is due upon signature of the booking agreement form.
    3. In no circumstances will the deposit be returnable.
    4. The Company reserves the right to make changes to the production specification in the interest of improving the overall event design.
    5. The Company has the right to refuse entry to guests exceeding the maximum capacity of the venue.
    6. The Company reserves the right to cancel or suspend the provision of the agreed facilities and services if the payment dates are not adhered to.
    7. The Company can accept no responsibility for any injury to Clients sustained whilst attending the Event, save through negligence of The Company, its suppliers or agents.
    8. The Company will have a secure cloakroom at all events. We therefore will not accept responsibility for any items lost or stolen during the course of the Event, without receipt of a valid cloakroom ticket.
    9. The minimum total price as set out on the booking agreement form is based on the guaranteed minimum number of guests attending. This will be payable to The Company irrespective of the final numbers attending, unless otherwise agreed by The Company in writing.
    10. The Client agrees that the price per head as stipulated on the booking agreement form remains the price per head to be charged irrespective of increases in numbers confirmed for the Event, unless otherwise stated by The Company.
    11. For catering purposes, final numbers and dietary requirements are required 10 working days prior to the Event. If this number is less than the minimum guaranteed number attending, clause 3.9 of these terms and conditions apply. Late confirmation of final numbers will result in a 15% surcharge per person on the catering price.
    12. The Company reserves the right to charge for any changes requested by the Client to the standard package, as detailed in the booking agreement form. This includes changes to timings, theme design and set up and rehearsal times.
    13. Should the Client wish to cancel the Event at any stage between 90 and 30 days prior to the Event, the Client shall be liable for 70% of the minimum total cost. Should the Client cancel the Event within 30 days of the date of the Event, the Client shall be liable for the full cost of the Event, unless otherwise agreed by The Company in writing. Should the Client cancel the Event more than 90 days before the Event, the Client will be liable for the deposit, as in 3.2 above, or 50% of the minimum total cost, whichever is the greater.
    14. The Client shall be liable for any costs incurred in repairing any damage to the premises or contents provided for the Event, including glass or furniture breakages, caused by the Client or its employees or guests.
    15. The Company has public and products liability insurance, however no other type of insurance is included or implied, including but not limited to event cancellation insurance. Clients requiring any additional cover should contact their own professional advisers.
    16. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure the provision of the facilities detailed, The Company cannot be held responsible for shortcomings or conditions, which may affect the Event and are outside their control, e.g. weather, acts of terrorism, fire etc.
    17. As part of the standard package The Company include a maximum of three event related meetings with the Client. Additional meetings will be charged at £200.00 + VAT per meeting. For the avoidance of doubt, these meetings are not available for clients on shared party nights or public events.
  4. Limitation of Liability
    1. The Company shall not be liable to the Client for failure to provide the booking if such failure is due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of The Company including (but not limited to) act of God, war and / or terrorism, lock-out, industrial action, fire, flood, drought, tempest, mechanical or technical breakdown, planning permission or the suspension or cancellation of an event by third parties.
    2. In the event that the Client shall have a claim against The Company in relation to bookings not supplied by The Company under the contract, The Company’s liability shall be limited to the amount of the price paid by the Client for such booking and shall not extend to any consequential loss of damage suffered and The Company’s liability under this condition 4.2 shall be in lieu of and to the exclusion of any other liability to the Client whatsoever provided always that nothing contained in the condition 4.2 shall exclude any liability of The Company for the death or personal injury suffered by the Client due to the negligence on the part of The Company or its employees.
    3. In the event that the Client shall be dissatisfied with or have any complaint against The Company in relation to any goods or services supplied by The Company under the contract the Client must notify The Company in writing of the dissatisfaction or complaint within seven days of the Event concerned. Failure to comply with this condition 4.3 shall debar the Client from making any claim against The Company at a later date save for a claim relating to death or personal injury suffered by the Client due to negligence on the part of The Company or its employees.
    4. The Company will endeavour to honour its commitments as detailed in the Proposal, but reserves the right to amend or alter all or part of the Event, and will not accept liability for errors, omissions or cancellations. Without limitation, if The Company cannot obtain the chosen venue for the Event, then The Company may substitute a reasonable alternative.
  5. Notices
    1. Written notice to be given under this contract must be made in writing to the address written on the booking agreement form or such other address as The Company may notify to you from time to time. Notices will be sent by recorded delivery, hand delivered or sent by facsimile transmission, provided that the original of the fax is then sent by post within 24 hours of the facsimile transmission having being sent.
  6. Choice of Law
    1. The clause will be governed by English Law and both parties will submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
  7. Exclusion of Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999
    1. Save as expressly provided, none of the provisions to this agreement are intended to or will operate to confer any benefit (pursuant to the Contracts Rights of Third Parties Act 1999) on a person or entity who is not named in this agreement.

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